About Us and Member Groups

Ballymena South Community Cluster logoBALLYMENA SOUTH COMMUNITY CLUSTER established a Staff Team in 2011 as a direct result of a collaboration between the Department for Communities and Mid & East Antrim Borough Council.
The staff team comprises of a Full-time Community Development Officer and a Part-Time Administrative Assistant, working hands-on with the Community Groups of the Ballymena South areas of Ballee, Ballykeel & Harryville on a daily basis.
As a result of this joint investment from the Department for Communities & Mid & East Antrim Borough Council, since 2013, the Ballymena South Cluster Community Development Officer has secured approximately £543,500.00 of additional funding for projects in the area.
Ballymena South Cluster has been able to offer support to its Member Groups to provide services such as a state-of-the-art childcare facility, various seniors’ programmes, multiple youth programmes including dance classes & a special needs youth club, various streams of learning & training, Parent & Toddler groups, history and remembrance projects, community allotments, a Breakfast Club, Christmas markets, summer schemes and much more.


BALLEE AND HARRYVILLE COMMUNITY ENTERPRISES comprises of representatives from both of the Ballee and the Harryville Communities, local business owners and councillors.
The social enterprise company was created in 2007 to provide employment opportunities through affordable business units in the local area.
Profits also provide vital funds to community groups involved. Since 2011 Ballee & Harryville Community Enterprises have taken a lead with Ballymena South Cluster and more recently the Joint Cluster Wind Turbine Project.