Harrryville Partnership Initiative

Harryville is a renowned section of the town and this can be seen in the number of activities happening here on a weekly basis. 

HARRYVILLE PARTNERSHIP INITIATIVE is a community organisation which aims to provide representation and assistance for the residents of the Harryville area. The volunteers within the group aim to tackle issues such as housing, environment, anti-social behaviour and employment. 

Braidwater Seniors meets on Monday & Thursday mornings each week in the HPI Office where they take part in a number of activities including their famous Knotty Knitters knitting club. Knotty Knitters produce a wide range of knitted products such as teddy bears, blankets and clothing that are then donated to various causes, such as the Neo-Natal Unit in Antrim Hospital. 

The Partnership also offers a youth drop-in facility and youth club service for local disadvantaged, disengaged and marginalised young people. This is an essential service that works in direct contact with young people in the area, offering programmes to develop their interpersonal skills. 

One of our many aims is to encourage the residents of Harryville to take pride in the area in which they live. 
We also try to encourage our residents to participate in activities run by our group, this might include environmental clean ups, the youth club, seniors group activities or historical and cultural awareness.

To make Harryville a safer and cleaner place to live.
The volunteers within the group aim to tackle issues such as housing, environment and employment.
Under the umbrella of Harryville Partnership Initiative, there are 4 focus groups which provide services area. These include Harryville Men's Shed, Braid Water Seniors, The Carson Project and Harryville Youth Club.

Contact Us

41 - 43 Larne Street
Co. Antrim 
N. Ireland
 Call:  028 2563 7527

Email: harryvillepartnership@yahoo.co.uk