Seven Towers Community Association

SEVEN TOWERS COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION is a group that operates in the Drumtara area of Ballee.
This small group has seen many big achievements in the last number of years. This includes the opening of a play park in Drumtara, allowing children to have a safe space to play right on their door step without having to cross any major roads or travel any distance to get there.
The group opened and manage an extremely successful set of community allotments. The allotments are well designed and maintained by the local residents and allow the opportunity for learning and the development of new skills. As well as this the group and residents work together to grow and cultivate produce that is then turned into various products.
Seven Towers operate out of Community House where there are many ongoing activities throughout the year including cookery classes, ladies keep-fit and the Ballee Boppers Hip-Hop dance classes
Seven Towers Community Association is located in the Drumtara area of Ballee, our practical group’s main focus is environmental issues as well as providing activities for the residents of Drumtara.

On a weekly basis, Seven Towers Community Association provides a women’s group and hip hop classes. Allotments in the area have also been a significant focus of the group with many residents becoming involved in horticulture.

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