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The clusters are a Mid & East Antrim Borough Council led initiative that sees community groups within specific geographic areas coming together to share resources and carry out joint projects for the overall good of their communities. There are four Community Clusters covering the entire Ballymena Area, two rural (East & West) and two urban (North & South).

Ballymena South Community Cluster consists of four wards, of which a number of Super Output Areas across all of the wards are designated as Neighbourhood Renewal areas. Pre the Cluster programme, three workers were employed under Neighbourhood Renewal, one in Ballee, one in Ballykeel and one in Harryville. Funding ceased for these posts in 2011 and with the Council’s proposal to establish the Cluster model, it was clear that this was an opportune time to form a partnership between Council and the then Department for Social Development, now Department for Communities, to jointly fund a South Cluster staff team.


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Ballymena South Community Cluster

Cluster Model

In the period 2006 – 2009, Ballymena Borough Council, now Mid & East Antrim Borough Council, made a commitment to the concept and development of Community Clusters, an “Innovative Partnership Approach with the Community and Council in Ballymena”.  (more…)


BALLYMENA SOUTH COMMUNITY CLUSTER established a Staff Team in 2011 as a direct result of a collaboration between the Department for Communities and Mid & East Antrim Borough Council.  (more…)

Lead Partner

BALLEE AND HARRYVILLE COMMUNITY ENTERPRISES comprises of representatives from both of the Ballee and the Harryville Communities, local business owners and councillors. (more…)

Ballymena Community Cluster has greatly assisted in helping us achieve our goals.

Ballee & Harryville Community Enterprises Ballee & Harryville Community Enterprises

We greatly appreciate all the time and support Ballymena Community Cluster has given us.

Ballee Community Association

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Ballykeel Together Development Association

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Harryville Partnership Initiative

Ballymena Community Cluster

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